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What is your strategy for fantasy basketball?

I'm talking about your WINNING strategy of course. More specifically, please give details of what are the little things you do to stay ahead of your league in a rotisserie fantasy basketball league.What is your strategy for fantasy basketball?
i'll talk a bit about drafting, cuz this is where i believe the year is won or lost.

first 4 rounds - go for value, draft the BEST PLAYER ON THE BOARD. don't worry too much about doubling (or even tripling) up at one position, you gotta go with value here.

next 2 rounds - by the time round 6 is done, you should have either 1 big man or 1 pg.

next 4-5 rounds - here you grab guys with upside - dont go for the safe picks here, go with the attractive guys who are poised to breakout.

late rounds - fill up on depth, grab the rookies here, stock up on big men or even one-cat guys (ie guys who only rebound - chandler, przybilla, etc, or guys who only ast - brevin knight last yr, etc)

a few other rules:

NEVER buy too early on rookies. wait it out, let someone else eat the hype

Drafting well isnt about getting the guys you want, but its getting them at the LATEST possible time. its no credit to you if you get joe johnson in the 3rd round, its a huge steal if you managed to watch him fall to the 6th and got him there.
to not playWhat is your strategy for fantasy basketball?
The first round is filled with guys who perform in many categories, so go with the best guy available first.

Try to draft PGs early. There are only so many of them in the league. The best ones will give you assists, steals, 3s and points. Good PGs are like closers in baseball. There are only a few, and outside of 1st rounders like Lebron and Garnett, you can't get what PGs deliver (assists) from any other source.

Also, if you're able to, get a center that you can depend on. These are scarce as well. Try to focus on getting a C that blocks shots.

Like the NBA, there are a ton of SG and SF, you can fill out your roster with these guys later. Shoot for what is scarce first.
always pay attention on guys who are on fire and pick them up. Also get a well balanced team in all scoring stats. Like In points rebounds assists blocks and so on. A good assister can be chris paul who also gets lots of steals. he can be ur point gaurd. A good shooting gaurd would be like ray Allen cause he cn shoot threes and score points at the same time. A good small forward is who can shoot threes and a person who can both redound and assist. A power forward should be a guy that can reboun more than the smll forward and assist less than the small forward and should be able to block a bit. the center should be the only person who can block and rebound the most in your team like ben Wallace or Marcus camby frm last season.What is your strategy for fantasy basketball?
select a SG first. they are always the most affective players in the nba. Like Kobe and tracy. Thn PF then PG then C then SF. Small Forward is the least most athletic player in the lineup unincludin LeBron.

Where can I watch baseball and basketball games in the Philippines?

I wanted to know what channels in the Philippines show baseball and basketball games. I want to watch the NBA playoffs but most of the games are tape delayed (I'd rather watch live). Also, what channels show baseball? The only games that seem to be on are Yankee games and I want to watch something else.Where can I watch baseball and basketball games in the Philippines?
Sports channels here in the Phils are:

BTV (basketball tv) the BALLS for it? joke!

ESPN --baseball here

CS9 (aka RPN9) I watch NBA here..kinda late yeah but they do have replays in the morning :)
You can watch live baseball games here, for free!鈥?/a>

or can I watch baseball and basketball games in the Philippines?
Basketball TV (BTV) - they show most of the games live


Solar sports

- all these are cable channels, for national tv channels - rpn9
Try this site:

It's free and it's live. I watch there all the time since I only get NBA from Friday to Monday.Where can I watch baseball and basketball games in the Philippines?
espn and solar sports

How has the actual ball of basketball changed since it was invented?

I need to make a timeline of the evolution of the ball in basketball. Can anyone give me a list of at least 6 changes over the sport's history?How has the actual ball of basketball changed since it was invented?
And this:鈥?/a>How has the actual ball of basketball changed since it was invented?
That is a bit hard to do... but basketball started by throwing a plain ball into a plain basket. The rest... I guess it has only changes recently in 06.How has the actual ball of basketball changed since it was invented?
heres one鈥?/a>

What is your opinion of ranking basketball players at a young age?

I am the #1 Basketball player in the nation for 14 year olds, i am only in 8th grade and i have already got letters of intent from ucla, unc and many major colleges. my friends disagree with ranking kids our age since we r not even in high school yet. what do you think?What is your opinion of ranking basketball players at a young age?
If they want to, they can, but if you don't want to pay attention to that stuff, you don't have to. Look at Duke if you want to go to a great school by the way!!!What is your opinion of ranking basketball players at a young age?
i think it is good.

They evaluate your talent.What is your opinion of ranking basketball players at a young age?
These websites and ranking "gurus" that come up with player rankings certainly have the right to rate younger players, but they do not always hold up as players get older, and make their way through high school and upper-level AAU ball. Sometimes these "Experts" are right (Lebron was considered the #1 player of his year from middle school on), and somethimes they are wrong (Taylor King being considered the best player of the class of 2007 when he was age 13-14, ahead of players like Mayo, Gordon, Love and Rose)
I'm glad to see a talented young man such as you wanting to know what's up. They rank players so young to keep an eye on you, so they don't lose track of you later.

High school and college coaches will be getting to know you very soon.

Be VERY careful! You're like meat on a hook. They're like hungry wolves.

They want what you can do for them. You can help them win. Winning brings in more money for the school, the athletic program and the coach himself. It's all about money!

This matters a lot in high school, but it is totally THE reason in college.

Don't be fooled. People love your talent, not you.

If you want to see how true that is, get injured. You'll be forgotten soon if you can't come back.

High school and college athletes are like slaves on an auction block.

A coach will move you into his home and take food out of his own children's mouths if you're a star!

If you're a benchwarmer, see if that happens....

Be smart. Get all of the education you can.

Develop your basketball talent AND your basketball knowledge. That way, you can at least become a coach after your career is over.

A basketball player's career is not very long. Learn to do other things so you can make a living after you can't play anymore.

Your parents are there for you even when you're not famous.

They're in your corner.

I hope you're successful! Please take this advice to heart. I'd love to hear about your success.

What is the difference between rotissere and head to head scoring in fantasy basketball?

What is the difference between rotissere and head to head scoring in fantasy basketball?What is the difference between rotissere and head to head scoring in fantasy basketball?
Rotisserie aka Roto, is where you combine your stats, and the winner has the best overall stats.

Head to Head aka H2H, is where you play a team weekly, and you get wins and losses - then have playoffs.

H2H is more like the real thing in my opinion.
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  • How can I get to play basketball in college?

    Ok here is the deal, all throught my high school career I only played basketball in my freshman year. I know that I'm better than most of the players on the varsity team, and they are pretty good. But when i tried out for varsity both junior and senior year I was cut. Now I'm at the end of my high school life and about to move on to college. My mom says that I should go to a JC for two years and transfer out, but others that have seen me play say that I should go to a university. The problem is that since I didn't play varsity I can't get a scholarship. Can anybody help me with this problem? I would really like it if a college coach told me what to do since they are the ones that really do know.How can I get to play basketball in college?
    Get on an AAU team. If not contact your local JC's coach and see what you can do. The best case scenario is to go to a JC and than have a chance at transferring out while getting an education.
    You just aren't good enough. Don't say you are better but didn't make the team because that makes no sense it's just an excuse cuz you are not as good as the other kids. The varsity coaches look for the most talent, and the best players, and you are not one of them.How can I get to play basketball in college?
    go see the JC athletics dept.
    well usually, you would have to be recruited to play in college, or at least make the try outs if they have anyHow can I get to play basketball in college?
    i would say go to a jc cuz if u didnt play on varsity no one will know who u r or how much talent u have
    Most likely, you're not going to be playing for a D-1 or D-11 school. Even great high schoolers don't get scholarships. But if you really want to play in college, contact the athletics department at either a D-111, NAIC, or JC to see what it takes to participate with their team.
    Honestly you are not good enough. If you did not make the Varsity team junior or senior year then there is no chance. I know you probably think there is some kind of conspiracy against you and thats why you didn't make the team, but no coach would cut one of his best players. Most players who get scholarships played varsity since they were a sophomore or even freshman (or if you're O.J. Mayo 7th grade). So if you didn't even make the team as a really don't have a realistic view of how good you are.
    My son (when he graduated from High School) had a hard time getting an athletic scholarship and he was one of the top players in our state (voted on by the coaches). He won every award his last couple of years of High School and it was still difficult because he was only 5' 11". If you're as good as you say, they would have put you on the team. No coach is going to turn down a good player. They want to win! There are no college coaches on here answering questions; they're out recruiting High School players right now. If I'm wrong and I realize I could be, then go to a Junior College and try out for the team. If you're good enough, they'll put you on the team.
    see the athletics dept.
    JC's a good option because it'll be slightly less competititive so you can have more time to refine your skills so that when you transfer you can look better in front of varsity coaches. Another thing you can do is go to college or university and just try out for the team as a walk-on. Many of today's pros played college ball first as walk-ons, so if you really feel that you're good enough, you can give that a try.
    You should go to a junior college and get your playing time there.

    While you can try to walk on at a University, if you're competing against scholarship athletes, chances are you won't get much playing time even if you're just as talented as they are. It's kind of like the NBA where they will play the guys with the big contract for a couple years over the guy with the one year deal. In college, you don't have time to wait the year or two for them to leave.

    Go to a junior college where you have a better chance to get a good amount of playing time. If you're as good as you say you are, you could be one of the top players on your JUCO team and then transfer to a university.

    But you really have to do your homework and check out the schools you are interested in. If you're serious about going straight to the university, contact the athletic departments at the schools, make a tape of yourself playing ball. You really have to market yourself to see if there is any interest. Since you don't have a resume of high school experience and/or stats, you have to do other things.

    Bottom line is, if you have the talent, you can make it somewhere, somehow. But you have to showcase it.
    If u really r good u would not have been cut.but if u r good and ur coach just didnt like u then u should go to a jc for a year then transfer to a university.

    How can you teach your son how to play basketball?

    My son cannot play basketball.Since he cannot play,all he does is sit around and ask stupid questions on Yahoo allday.

    How can I teach him to like women, and play basketball?

    I forgot to say ,he's gay and likes micheal jordan alot.How can you teach your son how to play basketball?
    Show him some video clips of Kobe Bryant, he may learn a few things on how to play the game correctly.
    See the link

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    How can you teach your son how to play basketball?
    first you have to play basket ball and then you have to teach ur son just joking
    Sign him up for a team or a camp. He should learn all the fundamentals. Then go with him outside and shoot ALOT of shots. Try to be consistent. Try lay-ups, free-throws, jumpshots (mid-range and 3-pointer's), fadaways, and if he's tall enough; dunks. He should already know passes and dribbling. Play 1-on-1, and he should be better with defense.How can you teach your son how to play basketball?
    counsellings, show your kid the benefits of playing basketball. have him go to the park or a near by court to play. play with him
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